Huge infrastructure upgrades for Port Denarau this year

January 2, 2024 4:09 pm

Port Denarau

In preparation for the anticipated influx of vessels, Port Denarau will undergo some infrastructure upgrades and improvements this year.

CEO Cyntheia Rasch says these enhancements aim to elevate the overall experience for yacht owners, crew members, and visitors alike.

Rasch says the planned upgrades will further solidify Port Denarau’s reputation as a top-tier yachting destination and a hub for tourists.

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She states that while the marina continues to attract international attention, it also plays a crucial role in contributing to the local economy.

“This time we are not waiting on the government. We’re waiting on Denarau Corporation and a few other stakeholders to assist us. As soon as we’ve got that underway, we should be looking at our dredging going ahead. Hopefully the government dredging for the channel also happens at the same time. And then we’re looking at further expansion projects we should be announced later on by our board of directors. We’ve got further upgrades within the marina in terms of infrastructure.”

Rasch says they also have the regular upkeep of the facility and make sure they are maintaining it and keeping it to the service levels that are expected.

She adds they are already expecting huge numbers of guests to come through in terms of tourism forecast, so they are hoping that the marina facility and their people will be ready for that.

The increased number of yachts is expected to have a positive impact on businesses in the surrounding area, including hospitality, retail, and tourism services.