Holi masti, a way of relaxation: Sidal

March 28, 2024 4:01 pm

Mirchi FM Radio Presenter Shennan Sidal

Youth can anticipate exciting and vibrant traditional and cultural festivities at the upcoming FMF Mirchi FM/Radio Fiji 2 Non-Stop Holi Masti event.

Mirchi FM Radio Presenter Shennan Sidal says that with school and other commitments keeping youngsters busy, this event promises a welcome opportunity to reconnect with age-old traditions and celebrate in style.

Sidal, who will also be seen singing during the event, expressed enthusiasm about the event, highlighting the diverse range of activities planned for attendees.

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“I think this is a chance where we’ll see as to how many singers we have, and we’ll have a dance performance as well. So you can all come and enjoy with us, and I’ll be performing for you guys too, so you can come and cheer on with us, have some masti, play with us, and I know some in the way of studies we lack, like we forget our traditional aspects, and somehow I think this event will make up for it.”

Sidal says people can look forward to a mix of traditional and romantic musical performances.

The event will be held on Saturday from 3 pm to 8 pm at Damodar City Car Park in Suva.