Sanitation facilities to assist Nasaibitu villagers

August 5, 2022 9:30 am

[Photo: Supplied]

Poor hygiene and sanitation have contributed to outbreaks of climate-sensitive and communicable diseases in Nasaibitu Village in Wainibuka over the past few years.

Village Elder Iliesa Bouwaqa says the outbreak would normally occur after a disaster, however, this will soon be an issue of the past.

Bouwaqa says seven new sanitation facilities have been constructed for these villagers, which will benefit families who have been using pit and water-seal toilets.

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“Poor sanitation has been an issue for us in the village. Now we have seen massive development in the village, and thanks to the government for not leaving any Fijian behind with its development projects.”

Nasaibitu Women Association President, Litia Gusuivalu says some of the families had been sharing sanitation facilities with other families within the village.

“No we have seen progress in terms of maintaining adequate health and sanitation in the village. We are optimistic that this will halt disease outbreaks in times of flooding or heavy rain.”

She adds this new project will improve the health, sanitation, and hygiene of villagers.

The initiative is spearheaded by the Rural and Maritime Development Ministry with an investment of more than $25,000 to ensure families have access to better and improved sanitation facilities.