Nurses resign over poor leadership, claims nursing association

March 28, 2023 6:51 am

The Fiji Nursing Association has reported that a growing number of nurses are leaving their jobs due to poor leadership in the Health Ministry.

Association President Doctor Alisi Vudiniabola has called for the Health Permanent Secretary and Director of Human Resources to be replaced, following the resignation of 30 nurses in the past two weeks.

“From CWM in the last two weeks, we lost around 30 nurses and that’s not on and what I was given the first week was 19 and the following week another 10”

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Dr Vudiniabola says the reasons for their departure include issues with pay, pending allowances, work conditions, and concerns over the system for selecting senior positions in the ministry.

“Most of them have not been paid their allowances, most of them are just overworked, the government never acknowledge them, no respect, no investment in their education and most of these nurses are leaving because of poor leadership and that is why we were calling for the removal of the permanent secretary and Director HR”

The Association also urges the Human Resources department to be transparent in how they are handling the Open Merit Recruitment and Selection guidelines for nurses.

“If those nurses are there already working, leading and you get somebody who comes in take over their position all they do is walk out of their jobs and leave”

Minister for Health, Dr Atonio Lalabalavu. 

Health Minister Dr Atonio Lalabalavu has acknowledged that certain areas need to be addressed to improve nurses’ welfare.