Khan aspires to serve rural communities

August 10, 2022 9:50 am

Nurse Practitioner, Junior Khan’s.

Nurse Practitioner, Junior Khan’s aspiration is to provide the best medical services for people in rural communities.

To pursue his dream, the Bua lad has been serving at rural health centres.

“As for my expectations, I know there’s a lot of expectations of us NPs when we come to remote areas like this but we can do is just to bring services that we used to provide for in urban setting.”

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Khan has served in Lagi Health Centre in Dogotuki, Vanua Levu and was traditionally welcomed by Naboubuco villagers earlier last week as their new nurse practitioner.

It was a double celebration as these villagers received a nurse practitioner and an upgraded nursing station.

“It’s quite a remote area to be serving but it’s nothing new since I was also serving in Lagi Medical Area in Vanua Levu – something sort of this area. At least, we bring some services to the rural areas, as the motto goes – for us to reach the unreachable and for us to improve the level of care in primary health setting like Naboubuco Nursing Station.”

Khan was received by the elders of Naboubuco village after a traditional presentation, led by the Minister for Health, Doctor Ifereimi Waqainabete.

The nurse practitioner will be serving 1, 300 villagers at the Naboubuco Nursing Station.