Increase in depression and anxiety cases: Singh

January 31, 2023 5:01 pm

[File Photo]

Mending Minds Foundation Fiji, which provides mental health and psychosocial support services, is seeing an upsurge in depression and anxiety cases.

Executive Director Prem Singh says they have seen over 200 Fijians who have sought assistance with issues affecting them.

Singh adds that “apart from drug and alcohol misuse, the Foundation is seeing a spike in abuse cases.

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“We have also seen an increase in child abuse not just physical but also sexual abuse and reports of sexual assault happening in our communities and most concerning is the abuse of elders in our communities so elder abuse has also been on a rise as well.”

Singh says there are a number of contributing factors to the rise in depression and anxiety cases.

“We have been psycho-educating the families and relatives and friends as well. We have also been trying to raise awareness in terms of providing assistance to other people who have been affected by someone having a mental health condition.”

Singh adds that they are also conducting awareness campaigns to assist individuals or families going through depression or anxiety.