Government prioritizes health services

January 15, 2024 12:16 pm

Finance, Professor Biman Prasad with health care staff [File Photo]

Improving the facilities at hospitals and health centres continues to be one of the main challenges.

This has been highlighted by Finance Minister Professor Biman Prasad while wrapping up his Western Division tour.

He adds the government is focused on providing the best health facilities and services.

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Professor Prasad says issues about consumables, drug supply, and the maintenance of the buildings also need to be considered.

“We will work with the Ministry of Health to provide that. As I said, we have a very, very competent Minister for Health, and we are going to work with him very, very closely to ensure that the next five months will be months of delivery to improve our medical services.”

The Minister says there is enough provision in the 2023-24 budget to fix the issues in the next six months.

Prasad says they have also allocated additional funding to have more nursing aids and assistants so that nurses can concentrate on their clinical work.