Health facilities face climate risks: Dr Lalabalavu

December 4, 2023 3:30 pm

Health Minister Doctor Atonio Lalabalavu [right] [Source: Fiji Government/Facebook]

Health Minister Doctor Atonio Lalabalavu has shared that 41 per cent of Fiji’s healthcare facilities are close to the coastline.

This, he says makes them vulnerable to extreme weather.

With Fiji facing frequent floods, droughts, storms, landslides and rising sea levels, Lalabalavu highlighted the everyday health challenges.

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He stressed the real impact on human health, including risks to clean air, water, sanitation, food security and shelter leading to injuries, aggravated chronic diseases and mental trauma.

Seeking at the global climate finance, he stressed addressing funding barriers and connecting health actors to financing.

Lalabalavu outlined Fiji’s steps to access health-specific funds, aligning with the Health National Adaptation Plan and using assessments to shape proposals.

He adds that the ministry is actively coordinating donors and integrates climate initiatives into health programs.

The Minister highlighted during the World Health Organisation Climate Change Small Island Developing States Ministerial meeting.