Government to open more technical colleges

March 12, 2024 6:07 am

[File Photo]

To meet the demand for skilled workers domestically and internationally, the government is planning to establish vocational and technical centres in every province in Fiji.

Deputy Prime Minister Villiame Gavoka states that the government intends to revamp the technical, vocational, education, and training sectors to better prepare individuals for the workforce.

Gavoka says this is part of the government’s plan to empower and upskill Fijians.

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“In 2023, 32 vocational centres were operational. For 2024, we have scoped and will reopen 13 more vocational centers. It is our intention that every province will have a vocational center.”

According to Gavoka, reviving the unit is vital to address skills shortages in the labour market, and the ministry is working together with higher education institutes to provide relevant TVET courses and resolve legal issues related to the failed Technical College.