French companies illuminate Fiji’s economic landscape

November 28, 2023 12:16 pm

French Ambassador to Fiji Francois-Xavier Leger has unveiled the “Make it Iconic” campaign—a bold initiative to promote the French state of mind and attract global investors and talents to choose France.

The campaign aims to establish the France brand, inviting those who dare to join and contribute to the nation’s success.

Leger emphasized the goal of making France shine, drawing people in and inspiring them to dream bigger.

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“France being the seventh largest economy, the first destination in Europe for international investment projects, the sixth most attractive country in the world for foreign investment and he 1st ecosystem in the EU for innovation (with over 20,000 start-ups).”

Highlighting France’s impact in Fiji, especially in technology, Leger noted the significant presence of major French companies such as BRED in banking, Total Energies and Pacific Energy in fuels, Airbus and ATR in air transport and Suez in the water treatment sector.

These companies, he says deeply integrated into Fijian daily life exemplify France’s expertise and investment in the region.

This morning’s meeting with French business owners in Fiji seeks to reignite the success of the Speed Business Meeting held in April, further fostering collaboration and strengthening ties between the two nations.

French businesswoman and Managing Director of Soleya Pte Limited Noellie Garand established her business in Fiji in 2021, with a specific focus on providing outsourced expertise in social enterprise solutions and business development.

“I try to help people when I see some potential and sometimes they have the skills, they just need a bit of money and at other times they have money but they don’t have the skills so you need to balance how you’re helping people.”

The French business community in Fiji is expressing a sense of optimism regarding the prospect of establishing substantial enterprises in the region.

This positive sentiment is rooted in the projected economic growth of Fiji, its emerging role as a hub in the Pacific and the presence of highly skilled individuals locally.