Force acknowledges drug problem in urban areas

April 15, 2024 6:56 am

The Fiji Police Force has acknowledged facing challenges in tackling the drug problem, as it is now spreading within urban centers.

Chief of Crime, ACP Livai Driu, says the hard drugs are spreading in urban centers, and their operation team is working with other stakeholders within the force.

However, ACP Driu says they need cooperation from the public to successfully tackle the drug problem.

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He adds that the officers on the road mostly conduct snap checks on properties and in vehicles after receiving a tip-off.

“It’s about the information, we need information from members of the community. Because they are our eyes and our ears in terms of gathering information and conducting operations in regards to how we are going to tackle this drug problem in Fiji.”

ACP Driu says they have arrested some motorists too who were allegedly transporting drugs around the country.

“We’ve been arresting people, they’ve been found in possession, they’ve been used in transporting drugs, especially green and also hard drugs that are meth. We’ve been effecting arrests on people that have been driving other vehicles that are unlicensed, and they are being used by other people to transport drugs around the country.”

ACP Driu says the Force is handling things well now, and if the need arises, they will seek assistance from the Republic of Fiji Military Forces.