Guests safely relocated after fire at de Vos On The Park

February 8, 2024 6:50 am

de Vos On The Park

More than 50 guests of de Vos On The Park in Suva have been safely relocated to nearby accommodations following a fire in the building earlier yesterday evening.

Hotel Director Annemarie de Vos says the fire started around 8:30 in the kitchen of the restaurant on the ground floor.

She says firefighters responded promptly and managed to extinguish the fire before it spread.

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Hotel Director Annemarie de Vos

De Vos adds that the building, belonging to YMCA, will close for 24 hours for inspection.

“Their kitchen got on fire and the vent goes right up through the building to the sixth floor of the YWCA building so the fire and the smoke went through the hotel so we had to evacuate the hotel. Everybody is safe.”

de Vos adds there is no structural damage apart from that to the kitchen of the restaurant.

She considers themselves lucky that everyone, including their assets, is safe. Police are guarding the property.