Film Fiji attracts 60 diverse productions to Fijian locations

December 2, 2023 4:25 pm

This year, Film Fiji has successfully attracted approximately 60 productions to choose Fiji as their filming location.

Board Director of Film Fiji Culden Kamea has highlighted this achievement, emphasizing that the majority of these productions are diverse, encompassing news, documentaries, and advertisements – all considered crucial by Film Fiji.

He notes that among these productions are globally renowned shows like Survivor and Love Island USA, currently filmed in Fiji, gaining significant international popularity.

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“When you look across the world the two biggest reality tv shows at the moment is survivor and Love Island USA and they both being shot here but there are many others much smaller in budget they are equally important to us in terms of the benefits to Fiji.”

Kamea stresses the broad spectrum of genres choosing Fiji as their preferred destination for production.

Despite these successes, Kamea points out that the current tax rebate for overseas film production in Fiji stands at 20 per cent , contrasting with Australia’s more substantial 45 per cent .

He adds that this fiscal difference could potentially influence decisions made by production entities.