Fijian Election

Pastor taps into politics

November 29, 2022 4:20 pm

All People's Party

The All-People’s Party is campaigning to revive the concept of merging Christian values into politics if they form a government.

But this seems impossible given that the Lautoka-based party is fielding only 14 candidates when it needs to secure 28 seats in order to form a government.

Church and politics were forms of governance in Fiji during the early colonial period, and the party is relying on its leaders’ 11th Hour Ministry to finance its Election campaign via soli or donations

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The All-People’s Party leader, Tuiloma Tawaivuna, claims despite fielding only 14 candidates, the party has a secret plan of forming a government.

“Well we have our plan put in place, I won’t reveal that now, sorry for that but we have our plans put in place and we are focusing on our campaign now. When the result comes, we’ll then reveal our plans.”

The party leader is a pastor who has a church following of 350 people but will need to secure at least 30, 000 votes to enter Parliament.

It will be an uphill battle for the Lautoka-based new party to leverage a division that predominately supported FijiFirst and the National Federation Party during the last two elections.