Fiji active in the fight for renewable energy says PM

January 4, 2024 4:39 pm

Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka has responded to rumours from certain non-governmental organisations about Fiji’s level of vocalization in COP negotiations.

Rabuka emphasizes that while Fiji may not be as vocal in some forums, its various national programs, especially in renewable energy, showcase its commitment to global climate goals.

He mentions potential developments using saltwater, emphasizing Fiji’s innovation in sustainable energy solutions.

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“Renewable energy portion of our energy requirements is quite noticeable to the rest of the world and when we talk about the just transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy, we’re well on our way. The various projects that will be funded over the next twelve months will give a big increase to the data we store and we use in our international negotiations for assistance in the development of those.”

Rabuka is encouraging Pacific Island neighbours to recognize Fiji’s efforts and assures the country is actively contributing to the fight for renewable energy and coastal area preservation.

He mentions Fiji’s role in the negotiations for the loss and damage fund, expressing pride in the contributions of Fijian diplomats and citizens to COP objectives.