Farmers call on FSC to be transparent

March 13, 2023 12:44 pm

[Source: Ministry of Sugar Industry/ Facebook]

The sugarcane farmers in Labasa have called on the Fiji Sugar Corporation to be transparent.

Farmers Representative Shalen Chetty says the FSC needs to show them the balance sheet and cut salaries of executive management to keep the organization afloat.

Chetty says the FSC has not been transparent with farmers in the country as they are not aware of the selling price of the sugar.

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Farmers Representative Shalen Chetty.

He adds that with FSC being transparent, farmers will have a better understanding of the company’s performance.

“The past Chief Executives had a very high salary. In any organization, if the top-level executives have high salaries, it automatically means the organization is making a profit.”

[Source: Ministry of Sugar Industry/ Facebook]

Chetty says the industry exists because of the farmers; therefore, according to him, it’s only right for FSC to give them feedback as the farmers are the suppliers.

Minister Charan Jeath Singh says issues raised by the farmers will be looked into.