Enhancing vegetable cultivation practices

May 14, 2024 6:23 am

In a significant development for agricultural innovation, the Navuso Agricultural Technical Institute has forged a collaboration with the Taiwan Technical Team, focusing on enhancing vegetable cultivation practices.

This partnership has propelled NATI to become a key supplier of vegetables and fruits while utilizing the protective agriculture techniques.

NATI Principal Uraia Waibuta says with their valuable proximity to vegetation and accessibility to land, they have formulated a bold vision to emerge as a leading demonstration hub for agriculture in the Pacific, offering insights into livestock management and protective agriculture practices.

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“What is happening today, is despite NATI achieving its vision and we are wanting to become the demonstration help of Agriculture in the Pacific, this is something we intend to do. When somebody wants to see livestock they come to this place, when they want to see protective agriculture they come to this place.

However, despite their strides towards achieving the vision, Waibuta emphasizes the importance of continued support from the Ministry of Agriculture for assistance in fostering safe and adaptive agricultural practices.