Three academic term change is regressive

January 10, 2023 12:40 pm

Former Education Minister Premila Kumar says the Ministry of Education has failed to understand the rationale behind the benefit of having four school terms.

These comments have been made by former Education Minister, Premila Kumar following current Minister Aseri Radrodro’s announcement last week that there will be three school terms in the 2023 academic year.

“The rationale to introduce four school terms was to bring about overall efficiency in the education system by aligning this with international best practice. The Ministry of Education considered the option of a four-term academic year for 2023 and the proposal was well received by the stakeholders.”

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Kumar says nationwide consultations were held with divisional and district educational officers regarding the move towards having four school terms.

During the announcement last week, the current Education Minister said that following various consultations, the coalition government has decided to retain the three school terms instead of four terms.

FBC News has sought a response from Education Minister Aseri Radrodro on Kumar’s statement and he has said he will be giving a response soon.