Suva schools to close; Triple N Zone deferred

March 27, 2024 6:53 am

Permanent Secretary for Education Selina Kuruleca says all schools in the Suva and Lami areas will be closed today due to water supply issues.

Kuruleca says heavy rain is affecting water supply to Tamavua, Toorak, Samabula, Nabua, Lami, and Delainavesi areas, and schools in these areas are affected.

Kuruleca says, in consultation with NDMO and WAF, parents and guardians are advised that all Suva schools in these affected areas will be closed today.

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She adds that all heads of schools, school admin teams, and senior staff in the affected areas are to advise the Suva District Office on the status of their water reserves at 11 am and again by 3 pm.

The Permanent Secretary says she is also liaising with NDMO and WAF for water to continue to be carted to the affected areas early this morning.

She says water trucks started refilling school water tanks last night and will continue to do so throughout the day today.

The Education Permanent Secretary says for hygiene purposes and to ensure our children’s health needs are prioritized, Suva school children are to be kept at home.

Kuruleca says she is also aware of a list of schools circulating however, she says the advise is clear that all schools in  Suva will be closed for the day.

Meanwhile, Kuruleca has also confirmed that the Triple N Zone will be deferred due to the water situation in Suva.