School break extended to June end

June 5, 2020 4:20 pm

The Ministry of Education has extended school closure for another two weeks.

The anticipated school reopening date is now set for Tuesday, 30 June.

Minister Rosy Akbar says now that Fiji has zero active cases of COVID-19, it is important that the Ministry use this time to continue its ongoing reevaluation of how to reopen schools.

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She says schools will open in a manner suited to a post-COVID society, especially for those schools requiring rehabilitation due to Tropical Cyclone Harold.

Akbar says schooling updates will be announced by the Prime Minister during the launch of the careFIJI app.

In the interim, the Minister says students should continue to utilise the supplementary learning resources made available by the Ministry, including worksheets from schools, radio programming, and video lessons on the Walesi education channel.

She says in addition to keeping their children engaged with these at-home materials, parents and guardians must encourage their children to continue practicing safe hygiene and handwashing, as young Fijians will play a vital role in ensuring the health of our country, now and for generations.