EC not a busy body: Malimali

April 16, 2024 12:44 pm

Electoral Commission Chair Barbara Malimali

The Electoral Commission is maintaining its position that it does not interfere with the business of the Fijian Elections Office.

In a press statement this morning, Electoral Commission Chair Barbara Malimali expressed disappointment with the public misinterpreting a letter written by the commission to the Constitutional Offices Commission.

She claims there has been a perception by the public that the EC was interfering with the recruitment of the Supervisor of Election and calling for the dismissal of Acting SOE Ana Mataiciwa.

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Malimali is urging the public to calm down stating the Commission is working under the provisions of the 2013 Constitution.

The Commission Chair reiterates that the Commission is not a busy body interfering with the business of another organization, but it has oversight of the FEO just as it has a constitutional obligation to be involved in the appointment of the Supervisor.

Malimali is urging the public not to be easily swayed by those who spread misinformation but to contact the Commission if they have questions and not listen to rumors and fearmongering.