Discovery rewrites history of Christianity in Fiji

November 29, 2023 6:28 am

The history of Christianity in Fiji has been rewritten, following the discovery of an entry from a diary owned by a missionary in the 1800s.

General Secretary of the Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma, Reverend Jolame Lasawa gathered the significant findings, documented by Pastor John Davies of the London Missionary Society that introduced the faith in the country.

It reveals the event that unfolded on the 26th of November in 1809 when the gospel was preached in Daku Village on Kia Island in the Province of Macuata.

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Lasawa says the extract proves that the gospel was initially preached in Kia Island, Macuata in 1809, earlier than the work carried out in Lakeba Island, Lau in 1835 as documented in Fiji’s book of history.

“We should not worry about what is stated in Fiji’s book of history, about the introduction of Christianity in Fiji in 1835. It was the same team that introduced the faith in the country. It was the London Missionary Society. Do not worry about the event of 12th October 1835, it is still the same gospel that was introduced to Fijians.”

Lasawa says the gospel reigns above all, urging the people to live the principles of Christianity – promoting love, peace and unity in the country.

He says if there is a take-home message from the discovery, it should encourage people to strengthen their spiritual lives and realign themselves with God.

Lasawa reminded the people to embrace the valuable piece of information, as it holds the history of the introduction of Christianity in Fiji.

Hundreds of people gathered at Daku Village on Kia Island, Macuata last Sunday to commemorate the first-ever sermon delivered in Fiji.