Department of environment collaborates with businesses

January 8, 2024 12:10 pm

Acting Director Senimili Baleicakau

The Department of Environment will conduct business roundtables to ensure businesses, developers and stakeholders are informed of the mandate and the various legislations it administers.

This has been highlighted by the Acting Director Senimili Baleicakau with plans outlined for the year.

She says the department will be raising awareness about the permitting processes relating to Environment Impact Assessment (EIA), Waste and Pollution Control (WPC) and the trade and control of species that are endangered and protected in Fiji.

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The department also aims to assist businesses in growing and complying with environmental legislation.

Baleicakau says the department has also now shifted its focus towards improving its customer service delivery and will continually endeavour to process applications within the legislated timeframe.

She has also called on businesses to play their part in complying with the requirements of the environmental legislation to preserve Fiji’s environment and its natural resources.

Baleicakau highlights natural resources are depleting while some are in danger of being extinct due to unsustainable development and current consumption patterns.

The department is requesting all businesses to get in touch for advice on regulatory requirements, permit requirements, discharge standards and emission standards.

The first business roundtable will be held in Nadi tomorrow followed by Labasa on Thursday.