IO in US national case summoned to High Court

February 12, 2024 7:11 pm

Bradley Robert Dawson in court today

The investigating officer in the case of US national Bradley Robert Dawson who is alleged to have murdered his wife has been summoned to the Lautoka High Court.

This is to address the mysterious disappearance of three crucial witness statements.

During a court session presided over by Justice Riyaz Hamza, Defence Counsel Anil Prasad raised concerns regarding the absence of the witness statements in the case exhibits.

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Despite requests made to the state, Prasad emphasized that the statements, which were recorded in the diary, had not been provided to him.

In response, the state prosecutor admitted that the witness statements were indeed missing from the exhibits.

The prosecutor further explained that during the relocation of the Lautoka Police Station, exhibits had been moved, potentially leading to the misplacement of crucial documents.

Dawson faces one count of murder.