Concerns raised over students’ behaviour

June 20, 2022 6:34 am

Parents and guardians are critical role models in a child’s upbringing and bad examples set at home have a great influence on their adopted behaviour.

The comment was made by Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama while speaking on Radio Fiji One’s Na Noda Paraiminisita programme, raising concern due to recent reports that primary school students are being caught involved in drug-related activities.

Bainimarama stresses that students cannot be blamed alone for their behavioural changes.

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“If you as parents are drinking in front of your children then they will come up with these ideas. They will talk about it with their peers. They will know that it is ok. They will try it out. So parents, be more responsible, check what they watch on TV. Because of their tender age, they will want to explore. Be mindful of that.”

Bainimarama says that the government through the education Ministry has implemented policies in schools to help protect and support children post-pandemic.

“We have a child protection policy, drug policy, behaviours management policy, counselling policy, and a student code of conduct policy. The Ministry is using all this to counsel the students who are involved in drugs in school.”

The Education Ministry is planning to organize a forum for teachers to look at the best ways to deal with new issues faced by children.