Civil society crucial in addressing cyberbullying

March 16, 2024 4:06 pm

The participants at the Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Workshop [Source: USAID Pacific Islands/Facebook]

USAID Mission Director Zema Semunegus highlights the need for enhanced regulations and governance structures in response to the growing concern over cyberbullying.

Speaking at the Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Workshop, Semunegus emphasizes the importance of implementing harsh penalties to serve as a deterrent to cyberbullying instigators.

According to the USAID Mission Director, civil society organizations play a critical role in working with the government to address this pressing matter.

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“And what we found is that when you have strong civil society organizations that are keeping an eye on the situation and working with the government and other partners, including the private sector, it’s not that difficult to figure out a way to enforce the policies and regulations that the government of Fiji is putting in place.”

Semunegus stresses the need for group efforts to successfully combat cyberbullying and its negative impacts on people and communities.

Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Mason Smith confirms that the government is collaborating with relevant institutions to enhance enforcement measures.

“We have a commissioner that deals with cyberbullying. We also have a director general from the Ministry of Communication that deals with communication transformation. These are the people who are best placed to deal with cyberbullying.”

With strong collaboration from civil society organizations and strong government action, efforts to tackle cyberbullying are expected to yield positive results in the future.