Cicia island farmers appeal for price parity

August 27, 2023 7:29 am

Cicia Island, the sole organic island within the Lau group, has raised concerns over the stagnant pricing of its organic produce compared to conventional products in the market.

District Representative Vakanawanawa Tamanisau has emphasized the urgent need for government intervention to enhance the value of their agricultural harvest.

With a steadfast commitment to organic practices spanning over eight years, Cicia Island remains an innovator.

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However, Tamanisau highlights the considerable challenges that come with maintaining such standards and urges the government and ministries to thoroughly evaluate the situation.

Agriculture Minister Vatimi Rayalu in response during a recent talanoa session held in Tarukua village, proposed the establishment of a dedicated association.

This collective entity, he says will not only amplify the island’s concerns but also facilitate effective engagement with relevant stakeholders to address the pressing issue at hand.

Cicia Island, encompassing five villages including Tarukua, Mabula, and Lomaji, stands at a crossroads where collaboration between the island’s farmers and the government could pave the way for a more sustainable and equitable organic future.