Children need mental health support

January 25, 2022 5:55 am

An increased sense of anxiety, confusion, and fear will have a major impact on children’s mental health.

Mental Health Specialist, Prem Singh says children have various developmental needs while growing up.

Students have been staying home for over eight months due to the pandemic, and this may have affected them psychologically.

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Singh says support needs to be provided to ensure children feel secure and there is stability in their lives.

“This is not just about the techniques that a person can adapt to. Generally, we are there for emotional support for a child. Our communication is open and children should feel more flexible and comfortable in talking about things. I think we need to instill that particular phase of reaching out and telling us that they are not coping well. “

Singh says the mental health of children is more fragile and they react to stressful situations in different ways.

She adds that parents should take note of changes in the behavior of their children and address them in a supportive manner.