Budget 2022-23

Police Force to undergo major reform

July 15, 2022 9:00 pm

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The Fiji Police Force has been allocated $182.6 million in the 2022-2023 National Budget.

Minister for Economy Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says $10 million has been directed towards the completion of three new Police Stations, in Nadi, Nakasi and Lautoka and a new station at Nalawa.

“This will expand the reach of police protection for Fijians living in the Central and Western divisions. Crime is changing, and our policing must change with it. The Force is increasingly focused on preventing cybercrimes and combating drug trafficking. In order to reform itself to better address these emerging threats, the Force is undergoing a major Reform and Restructure programme, first announced in 2018.”

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Sayed-Khaiyum says government is providing an additional $4.2 million for the recruitment of 331 new positions.

This includes 289 new recruits, 15 promotions, seven new civilian positions and 20 new government wage earners.

He says government will also be providing $4.9 million for the procurement of uniforms, uniforms accessories, clothing and footwear with an additional $1.5 million directed towards improving the condition of the police quarters and posts.

The Republic of Fiji Military Forces has been allocated $94.1 million in the new financial year.

$50.8 million for peacekeeping operations with $3.5 million allocated to meet salaries and allowances of the peacekeeping officers as aligned to the payroll.

Sayed-Khaiyum says $3 million has been allocated for military training and equipment, which will be reimbursed by the United Nations.

$5 million is allocated to correctly align the lodging allowance and service allowance to the current basic salary of 2,396 RFMF officers.

The Minister for Economy says $2.3 million is allocated for the renovation and upgrade works at RFMF facilities, including renovation and upgrade of RFMF infrastructure, construction of a new warehouse at QEB, upgrade of the Logistic Support Unit Complex, upgrade of Sukanaivalu Barracks in Labasa and the upgrade of Nadi Camp.