AFD bolsters Fiji partnership for sustainability

March 10, 2024 7:21 am

[Source: Ambassade de France aux Fidji - France in Fiji/ Facebook]

The French Development Agency is partnering with Fiji to address climate change and biodiversity, focusing on promoting sustainable development in Fiji and the Pacific region.

AFD, with the support of the French Embassy, is also exploring further support for Fiji through bilateral projects, responding to Fiji’s priorities, especially regarding climate change issues.

The French Ambassador, François-Xavier Léger, highlighted the strong partnership between Fiji and the French government.

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[Source: Ambassade de France aux Fidji – France in Fiji/ Facebook]

“I think relationship between France and Fiji are very good I would say, the political side we are in the same line on most of international issues, we have very good economic relations and many French companies can contribute to the economic growth here in Fiji.”

Léger highlights that AFD intends to strengthen relationships with partners like Fiji by listening to their needs, expectations, and priorities.

“It means they want to be closer to their partners, to be able to listen more about their needs and expectations and to hear what their priorities are in order to develop more programs and partnership that’s why they decided to do it.”

[Source: Ambassade de France aux Fidji – France in Fiji/ Facebook]

AFD Group’s new representative to Fiji, Elodie Vitalis, aims to strengthen collaboration with partners by actively listening to understand their challenges and needs.

“I am here to re-enhance our collaboration with our partners but most of all my goal is to here is to listen to our partners to understand the challenge, the needs and we firmly believe that at AFD constriction that collective intelligence is a key to address major challenges especially climate change and biodiversity.”

The team stands ready and determined to explore further and identify the best way to help address those challenges, whether through financing or technical support.