Addressing growing oral health concerns is vital: Dr Turagaluvu

March 9, 2024 4:52 pm

Periodontal disease is one of the highly prevalent oral diseases that is currently found in both adults and children in Fiji.

This was highlighted by the Ministry of Health Eastern Divisional Dental Officer, Dr. Jone Turagaluvu.

Dr Turagaluvu says programs have been developed to address the issue.

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“I believe that the most common oral disease that we have here in Fiji is periodontal disease and dental carries, and from the past we have seen that this has been a highly prevalent disease that occurs in both adults and children here in Fiji. However, there have been programs that have been developed to try and address this high rise in the prevalence of this oral disease.”

Colgate Fiji Country Manager, Adrian Romanin, highlights Colgate’s significant role in promoting oral health education across the country.

“The role that we play, you know Colgate has been a big ambassador or a big advocate for oral health education across the Pacific for many years now, and a corner stone to that success has been our Bright Smiles and Bright Future Programs since its inception and it’s been around Fiji since 1996 so it’s a very important part of the program and the initiative”.

FNU Associate Professor Dr Leenu Mamanuku highlights that the partnership will help raise awareness about the significance of oral health in contributing to overall well-being.

“We hope that this through this World Oral Health Day in partnership with Colgate and the Fiji National University and the Ministry of Health we’ll be able to create awareness that it is important to look after our oral health as it does contribute to general health”.

The Ministry of Health has partnered with Fiji National University, the Fiji Dental Association, and Colgate to visit schools and communities to create awareness about oral health care.