$48m paid under no-fault scheme

May 30, 2023 2:30 pm

The Accident Compensation Commission of Fiji has to date paid a total of $48.914 million in compensation under the no-fault scheme.

ACCF Chief Executive Parvez Akbar says $32,669,000 was for motor vehicle accidents, $15,207,900 for employment accidents, and $1,038,000.00 for school accidents.

Akbar says the board has continued to receive positive feedback from satisfied applicants.

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He says more accident victims now have greater access to compensation than ever before, and to more significant amounts of compensation.

Akbar says this includes workers who have faced a number of hurdles in the past.

He adds that the Accident Compensation Scheme is a win-win for workers and employers, as workers can apply for compensation directly to ACCF and employers are no longer liable to pay compensation for injuries and deaths from employment accidents.