20 percent of inmates need daily medical attention

December 7, 2023 4:54 pm

More than 500 inmates require daily medical attention, constituting 20 percent of the total prison population.

This has been revealed by Acting Commissioner for Fiji Correction Service, Salote Panapasa.

Panapasa says the FCS is responsible for the well-being of approximately 2,366 inmates.

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The Acting Commissioner further says that among the challenges faced by the prison system, a significant portion of inmates are bedridden and in need of caregiving services.

According to Panapasa, a considerable number entered the prison system with pre-existing medical conditions, further straining the resources of the department.

“After designing this MOU, I’m very grateful that they would be able to access your patient information system to assist them in their diagnosis and treatment while in prison under our care.”

Panapasa believes the newly signed MOU with health ministry will enable the corrections department to enhance its diagnostic and treatment capabilities, ultimately leading to improved healthcare outcomes for the inmates.