12 Peace Volunteers complete training in Fiji

April 6, 2023 6:31 am

[Source: Peace corps /Facebook]

Twelve Peace Corps trainees have completed an extensive 10-week training in the province of Rewa, culminating in a swearing-in ceremony that officially transitions them to Peace Corps Volunteers.

Group 97 is the first Peace Corps training class to re-enter the country in over 3 years due to the global pandemic.

As such, the group of Americans had been training for the past few months in various villages in Rewa and are now ready to live and work in Fiji for the next two years.

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Nabudrau village headman Seniloli Tora says they learned a lot from the volunteers who were in their village, learning about the culture and way of life.

Tora says the volunteers also assisted in a few projects that benefited the villagers of Nabudrau in Noco, Rewa.

According to the Peace Corps Fiji, these 12 individuals were specifically recruited as they possess the necessary formal education or have a background and experience in accounting, small business, or other areas that support the direction of the Community

Economic Empowerment Project (CEEP).

This cohort will add to the more than 2,500 volunteers who have served the people of Fiji at the request and invitation of the Fijian Government over the decades.