Dautei shines through music

January 6, 2024 5:10 pm

Ratu Viliame Dautei

Performing in church has always been part of Ratu Viliame Dautei, from a very young age, but today he is a contract manager, drummer, and one of the vocalists of the famous group Inside Out.

While speaking to FBC News, Dautei highlighted that the band also runs an entertainment company, Resonance Fiji, and being in the industry for the last eight years has been a challenge but somehow helps in his personal and career growth.

Originally from Naduru, Dogotuki, Macuata Viliame Dautei says that he is slowly tapping into his singing career but is thankful for all the support.

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“I never used to sing at all until I joined the band; that’s when I started working on my singing because Kuki actually sort of pushed us by force. It’s been good so far. I don’t consider myself a really good singer, but I’m exceptional.”

He says that the company is also looking forward to another great year, keeping up with the entertainment trend for music lovers and the need for artists to be prepared.

Ratu Viliame Dautei

The band Inside Out is not only recognized locally but also by international tourists and guests.

“Working in the tourism sector really broadens our views, especially in performing, because we not only get feedback from our local brothers and sisters but also from tourists from abroad. All feedback is good for us; we get to work on our performance. It really helps with our growth and performance.”

The group’s hit music video Vaka IO has more than 500K views in two weeks of its release on all platforms, and more content is expected from the band this year.