Brad Pitt reveals why he wore a skirt to Berlin premiere of Bullet Train

August 3, 2022 10:53 am

Brad Pitt changed up his usual red carpet attire at the Berlin premiere of his new film, Bullet Train. [Source: NZ Herald]

Brad Pitt is airing out the truth.

The 58-year-old Bullet Train star surprised fans when he wore a knee-length skirt to the German premiere of the film and now he’s revealing why.

Despite usually opting for a fashionable suit at red carpet events, the actor boldly wore a light pink shirt, combat boots, brown kilt and matching jacket to the July 19 Berlin premiere of his latest film, and caught the attention of many fans.

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Now, at the Los Angeles premiere of the film, the star revealed to Variety why he decided to shake up his style.

He told the Associated Press last month he opted for a kilt for “the breeze”.

The star also took a moment to chat about the film and noted violence is an ongoing theme throughout the plot, so much so he was happy to step away from the more intense scenes and let his stunt man take the lead.

“I try to get out of it. I love a stuntman,” the beloved actor said. “This one was action-comedy, something I’ve never done before.”

Pitt stars alongside Sandra Bullock and Joey King in the David Leitch-directed film as a hitman who encounters several killers aboard a fast-moving train, something that was “really appealing”.

“David and I had always been big fans of Jackie Chan,” Pitt said.

“We’d been talking about him for decades. He’s kind of our Buster Keaton.

He’s so talented and underrated even. Just to do something in that direction was what was really appealing to me.”

Pitt joins many male celebrities who have opted for skirts on the red carpet, including Billy Porter, Jaden Smith and Marc Jacobs, as well as Harry Styles, who recently graced the cover of Vogue in a dress and often experiments with traditionally “female” items of clothing.