New complex creates over 130 jobs

March 26, 2024 12:30 pm

Over 100 jobs were created by Grace Road Group after their two latest Grace Fields complex in Nadi opened.

Operations Manager Heera Sungdo reveals that the newly opened branches have already begun contributing to employment opportunities in the area.

Sungdo says the branch situated along the Nadi Back Road, is poised to employ between 40 to 50 staff members.

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These new establishments, known as Grace Fields, offer a diverse range of amenities including a supermarket, restaurant, and dentistry services, catering to various needs of the community.

Sungdo highlights the extensive efforts and investments behind the construction of these complexes, stating that it took approximately 8 months to complete the project, with an investment totalling $8 million.

She says the Grace Fields complex in Navakai, which represents a $15 million investment, boasts a range of services including restaurants, a service station, a call center, and Grace Beauty.

“Getting financial support from overseas is important. However, we believe that it’s more important to have the investment together with the actual development action happening altogether. So, Mr. Daniel Kim, our group president, the GR Group’s president, and the GR Group have been doing both development and investment together at the same time. So we’re consistently re-investing the funds to make another project.”

Sungdo emphasizes that these expansions were part of the group’s pre-existing plans, now nearing fruition with the completion of the two projects.

Grace Road Group currently oversees a portfolio of 13 properties and employs around 900 staff members, reflecting its substantial presence and contribution to the local employment landscape.