Ministry to meet with Kava exporter

January 13, 2022 6:00 am

The Ministry of Agriculture will be hosting a discussion with kava exporters and relevant stakeholders later this month.

Minister Doctor Mahendra Reddy says they are now leading a discussion about Kava export, particularly to ensure Fiji meets demands from both new and existing markets.

Dr Reddy says there are more players and Fiji needs to maintain the quality of kava it exports to its main markets.

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“Consumers in the US, New Zealand, and Australia want to substitute their social drink from alcohol to Kava because they see it as healthier, safer, cheaper, and risk-free. So see that market growth and we will need to catch up. “

Dr. Reddy says the meeting later this month with exporters is to brief them on the way forward.

He says what is more important is for these exporters to meet the requirements to keep Fiji in a good position in the global kava trade.