Goundar to resume servicing Levuka route

December 6, 2023 12:34 pm

[Source: Goundar Shipping Limited]

Goundar Shipping will resume servicing the Levuka route on December 17th, providing relief for Ovalau Island residents during the festive season.

This has been confirmed to FBC News by its managing director, George Goundar.

Goundar says this follows the continuous concerns and public outcries from the residents.

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Goundar Shipping pulled out earlier in October, putting the daily commuters of Ovalau in a difficult situation.

“As an old scholar from Levuka, I think it’s about time that we go back and put the politics aside of what is happening in Levuka on the jetty issue, but Im here to provide services, and for me, I have to listen to my stakeholder from Levuka and provide a service that they will need for Christmas.”

Goundar Shipping has also confirmed that they will be operating through the main Levuka port.

[File Photo]

Goundar adds that providing the best customer service will always be their priority.