Youth take charge in revival of Fijian culture and tradition

January 11, 2024 6:16 am

The District of Lekutu in the Province of Bua has embarked on a journey to revive the Fijian culture and tradition which have been lost to modernization.

Its recently established Lekutu Youth Council has rallied youth in a week-long camp, aimed to empower them as custodians of the unique Fijian way of life.

President, Kinijoti Vakawaletabua says 300 individuals will be engaged in various activities through the theme “To Know Who I Am”, which will help them maintain the dying culture and tradition.

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Vakawaletabua says they have made a collective agreement on the implementation of bylaws which will help in the conservation and preservation of their cultural and traditional practices.

“We are targeting the youth and we are trying to provide education empowerment to help improve their living standard. We have certain issues that we addressing now, and one of them is the crime rate that has increased for the past few years.”

Vakawaletabua says they would also empower youth to utilize their talents, allowing them to secure employment and provide for their families.

“Most of the youth, I believe that they can use their talent to secure employment which is one of the issues that we are addressing now … because unemployment is one of the contributing factor to poverty.”

The Coalition Government has assured its support towards the movement, emphasizing that youth play an important role in society.

Minister for Youth and Sports, Jese Saukuru urged the youth to take pride in their roles and responsibilities, as it contributes to the progress of the nation.

The Lekutu Youth Council was able to collect $8,000 at the week-long camp, and the funds will be utilized to carry out developments in their communities.