Taskforce to boost agriculture investment

May 27, 2024 10:07 am

[File Photo]

A Commercial Agriculture Taskforce has been established to support the diversification and expansion of agriculture and aquaculture.

The focus of the government is to attract investors to these sectors.

Minister for Trade, Co-operatives, Small and Medium Enterprises and Communications Manoa Kamikamica mentioned this while updating Parliament on the initiatives undertaken by the Ministry to promote economic diversification.

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Kamikamica highlighted his recent trip to the Inaugural Fiji – North America Business Mission, held in Canada.

During this mission, Fiji Water formally announced that they are exploring commercial agricultural opportunities in Fiji.

He says his announcement made in partnership with the company and the Commercial Agriculture Taskforce signifies a potential revitalization of agricultural commodities.

The Minister emphasizes that this development could be a game-changer for commercial agriculture in Fiji.

He also reveals that another investor, based in PNG is in serious discussions with Fijian Holdings and the Fiji National Provident Fund about commercial agriculture opportunities in Fiji.

Kamikamica notes that FNPF and Bank of South Pacific are now joint shareholders in a company called Future Funds.

This partnership he adds signals to the rest of Fiji that two of the largest institutional investors are committed to the advancement of commercial agriculture.