Students vulnerable to health risks

May 14, 2024 5:04 pm

[File Photo]

The Vutia District School in Rewa is addressing a serious problem that has an impact on the health and well-being of its children.

The school’s reliance on water tanks, due to low water pressure, has led to concerns over bird and rodent infestations, posing serious health risks to the children.

Head Teacher Lote Gucake has called attention to how serious the situation is, stressing that not only the student’s health is being negatively impacted by the present water crisis, but it is also hindering their ability to learn.

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“Unfortunately, we have catered to the wash requirements, but the water pressure fails to assist the school or the children in using that to a safe standard. We have to resort to water drums and water tanks to have the wash facilities work properly.”

Fiji Human Rights Director Loukinikini Vili Lewaravu emphasizes that the commission is working with relevant development partners to address this issue.

“So you see we have UNICEF, SBC, we have our NGOs, FCOSS for an example that they have come here today to also listen and observe and see how they can help Vutia with this problem. If that means an immediate solution.”

Vutia District school year 6 student Tehilla Gucake is calling on the authorities for assistance.

“But crystal clear water to me brings life, to me means life. Do not deny me my right to clean water. Do not deny me my right to life.”

The people of Vutia District in Rewa are calling on the government and development partners to assist them in accessing clean drinking water, as it is one of their fundamental human rights.