Purified drinking water for Saqani villagers

May 16, 2024 6:27 am

Forty households, a primary school, and a government station in Saqani village, Cakaudrove, will now have access to clean drinking water after years of living with unpurified drinking water.

This follows the successful commissioning of a $48,000 ecological purification system project by the Minister for Rural and Maritime Development, Sakiasi Ditoka.

He says that the new water system is part of the many other projects aimed at improving access to water and sanitation by the coalition government.

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“This is the latest one that we have come to commission, and there will be many others coming up to allow us to attain our SDG goals, especially those that pertain to clean drinking water. Also, something that I continue to challenge them with is the need to formulate and develop their development plans and disaster management plans.”

Saqani Village headman Taniela Qiokalou says that the new water system brings relief and blessings to the village of Saqani and members of its communities.

Qiokalou adds that over the years, when it rains, it is a known fact that the water source will be contaminated, followed by discoloration, which pushes the need to boil drinking water.

But this will be a thing of the past after the commissioning of its EPS project.

Meanwhile, Ditoka has also urged villagers to have a proper village development plan and also keeps tabs on other projects that would assist the government in implementing development program funds and sponsorship.