Navuniyavu Village welcomes new water source

February 23, 2024 6:45 am

[File Photo]

The Navuniyavu villagers in the interior of Namosi found cause for celebration as their long-standing water woes were addressed with the inauguration of a groundbreaking water system project this morning.

Village Headman Suliano Naborisi says that for decades, water scarcity has been an enduring challenge in this village.

Naborisi says they depend on the nearby river for all their water needs, and the community faced hardships, especially for women and children who, until now, lacked the luxury of showers within the confines of their homes.

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“This marks the first time we can enjoy a shower in our own homes, bringing a collective sigh of relief for women and children.”

The project, funded by New Zealand, will benefit over 400 villagers, extending its positive impact to Navuniyavu Primary School as well.

Minister for Public Works, Transport, and Meteorological Services, Ro Filipe Tuisawau has commended the collaborative efforts of various organizations.

In particular, the Minister acknowledged the instrumental role played by the Non-Government Organization Pleass Global Limited, the New Zealand High Commission, the Rotary Pacific Water for Life Foundation, and the Vodafone ATH Foundation.

These entities not only facilitated and funded the project but also ensured its successful completion, culminating in the realization of the Sand Filtration Water Purification initiative.

The project costs over $100,000 and falls under the Rural Wash program, a comprehensive initiative aimed at enhancing the lives of vulnerable communities susceptible to waterborne diseases such as Leptospirosis, Typhoid, Dengue and Diarrhea.

With this new water source, Navuniyavu village is not just witnessing a transformation in its daily life but also securing a healthier and more sustainable future.