MP raises alarm over ongoing water disruptions

May 14, 2024 12:13 pm

Opposition MP Penioni Ravunawa has raised serious concerns about the ongoing water disruptions affecting residents of Sakoca along Khalsa Road.

He asserts that the Water Authority of Fiji must take proactive and decisive actions to address this issue.

Ravunawa emphasizes that the continuous water cuts experienced by Sakoca residents have become unbearable and are simply unacceptable.

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The Opposition MP urges the government to prioritize the plight of Fijians directly impacted.

He states that consistent water availability is essential for adequate health practices and sanitation hygiene, highlighting the urgent need for solutions for Sakoca families.

Ravunawa insists that it is crucial for the Prime Minister and members of the Coalition Government to postpone their overseas trips and focus on addressing the various challenges faced by ordinary Fijians, particularly the water supply in Sakoca.

He points out that Section 36 of the Fijian constitution guarantees every individual’s right to adequate food and water.

Ravunawa feels that this right is being infringed or threatened and calls for immediate intervention by the authorities.

Questions regarding the concerns raised has been directed to WAF.