Ministry empowers women in Ba with cassava processing machine

March 31, 2024 7:25 am

Minister for Agriculture Vatimi Rayalu with women's group in Ba

In a move towards empowering rural women and enhancing agricultural sustainability, the Ministry of Agriculture handed over a Cassava processing machine to a women’s group in Ba.

Minister for Agriculture Vatimi Rayalu says this initiative represents a significant step in leveraging technology to transform cassava production and create economic opportunities for local farmers.

Rayalu emphasized the importance of investing in women and sustainable agriculture.

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He highlighted the machine’s potential to streamline cassava processing, reduce post-harvest losses, and increase farmers’ incomes.

The project’s inception during the COVID-19 pandemic underscored the resilience of Fijian farmers.

“The processing machine is a step towards the value chain of cassava production in Fiji and the region. This is aligned with our commitment to promoting food security and economic development in our community.”

Despite challenges, they continued to supply fresh produce to communities, demonstrating the importance of local food production

The collaboration between government agencies, NGOs like Rise Beyond the Reef, and The Water Foundation has been instrumental in driving this initiative forward.

As the handover marks a milestone in agricultural development, it also signals a commitment to building a more sustainable and resilient farming sector.