Kotobalavu celebrates birthday after four years

February 29, 2024 4:30 pm

In the midst of covering the monumental Great Council of Chiefs Meeting, Josefa Kotobalavu, born on February 29th, took a moment to mark his own milestone by celebrating his leap-year birthday after four years.

This year marked a significant milestone for Kotobalavu as he embraced the rare opportunity to commemorate his birthday on the actual date.

As a leap year born, Josefa’s birthday festivities are always a special occasion, eagerly anticipated by friends and family.

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Today he turns 28 years old, but following the leap year calendar, he would turn 7 today.

“For leap year, we look forward to this day because we tend to celebrate our birthday after every four years, and at the same time, we feel left out because we see our family and friends celebrate their birthdays every year, and we feel left out.”

Josefa navigated the responsibilities of reporting on one of the most significant events in the region while anticipating the rare opportunity to revel in his own birthday festivities later in the day.

Kotobalavu intertwined his passion for journalism with the joy of a leap-year birthday celebration. He highlighted the importance of embracing every moment, whether reporting on significant events or celebrating a birthday that comes once every four years.