Kiran urges enhanced support for women after childbirth

March 11, 2024 12:05 pm

Assistant Minister for Women Sashi Kiran is calling for enhanced support systems tailored to the needs of postpartum women at workplaces.

This comes as Kiran highlights the issue of depression after childbirth and the lack of adequate support mechanisms for women.

Kiran sheds light on the importance of workplace support in alleviating the burdens faced by women as they navigate the challenges of returning to work after childbirth.

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“Also, it’s very important to think through emotional and mental support and how you make it possible for women to reach out for social and mental support without feeling like they have lost themselves. As a society, we don’t look well to counselling, but counselling is important.”

Kiran emphasizes the role that workplaces can play in fostering a supportive environment conducive to the mental and emotional well-being of mothers.