Fijians urged to quit smoking to reduce lung cancer risk

January 25, 2024 12:22 pm

[File Photo]

The Fiji Cancer Society last year recorded 12 new cases of lung cancer, which is the third most common cancer among men in Fiji.

Society Chief Executive Belinda Chan says smoking is one of the major factors leading to lung cancer.

Therefore, she adds that quitting smoking can lower the chances of being diagnosed with cancer.

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The Chief Executive says passive smoking is also high and it’s something that is not considered at all.

Society Chief Executive Belinda Chan

Chan says smoking cessation services are available, which Fijians can take advantage of.

“There are cessation services available at the medical hubs around Fiji. There is one at the diabetes hub. So for those who are interested in stopping smoking and find that they will need help, they can always reach out to the diabetes hub for cessation services.”

Chan has called on Fijians to take charge of their own health and make their health a priority.

She adds that during their outreach programs, they conduct screenings and test the carbon monoxide level in people’s systems.