Females urged to pursue their dream

May 16, 2022 11:50 am

Fiji Corrections Service new recruit, Alexandra Nandan.

Turning a dream into reality is possible through determination, hard work and sweat.

This has been the driving force for Alexandra Nandan who recently joined the Fiji Corrections Service.

Nandan is challenging females to pursue their dream.

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“I was not fit as other recruits. It was really difficult for me being the short one and only Indo-Fijian here so it was really difficult. To all those Indo-Fijian girls who think they are weak and cannot join the force, they can its really good. Being with inmates, sometimes it makes us sad but is makes us stronger.”

Nandan says for women, it’s a challenge working in a male-dominated field but the sky is the limit.

She is encouraging females to have patience, broaden their knowledge and join the force.